Vigga Wrap


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The Vigga Wrap is a combination of a scarf and a sweater. It is worked from one sleeve to the other in one long piece. The sleeves are ribbed, and the body is worked back and forth in garter stitch with a wavy pattern along the edges in both sides. The Vigga Wrap is very versatile and may be worn in many ways. On YouTube you can find introductory videos to guide you as to how to use a sweater scarf. Here are some examples.  

The wavy pattern along the edges of the Vigga Wrap resembles the pattern of the Vigga Scarf. On YouTube you can find a video that introduces you to the method. The video was originally made for the Vigga Scarf, so the increases are different from this pattern. Still, the video can show you how to work the wavy pattern. Introductory video to the Vigga Scarf here.

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SIZES: XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL).

GUIDE TO SIZES: The sizes correspond to chest measurements of appr. 80-85 (85-90) 90-95 (95-100) 100-110 (110-130)  cm. You can measure your work as you go and increase or decrease the length as you wish.

LENGTH: 220 (227) 234 (240) 246 (253) cm from tip to tip.

WIDTH: Appr. 42 (42) 46 (46) 48 (48) cm (measured at the widest place in the middle of the wrap).

GAUGE: Before washing: 16 sts x 27-32 rows in garter stitch on needles 5½ mm = 10 x 10 cm.
After washing and blocking: 16 sts x 22 rows in garter stitch on needles 5½ mm = 10 x 10 cm. Note: It is important to pull the ridges lengthwise when you block and measure your sample. Garter stitch stretches quite a lot, and this pattern will stretch when you wear it.

NEEDLES: Beginner: Circular 4½ and 5½ mm, 60 or 80 cm.  Practiced knitter: Circular 5½ mm (60 or 80 cm) and DPN’s 3½ and 5½ mm (or 2 circular needles for Magic Loop).

YARN: 250 (250) 250 (250) 300 (300) g of Semilla Melange from BC Garn (50 g = 175 m) held together with 150 (150) 150 (150) 200 (200) g of Baby Alpaca from BC Garn (50 g = appr. 250 m).

Or 350 (350) 400 (400) 450 (450) g of Chunky Andean Wool from Kaos Yarn (50 g = 100 m).

Or 350 (350) 400 (400) 450 (450) g of Lama wool from CaMa Rose (50g = 100 m).